Documentary Showreel

 “A lot of people will not react until their own world is under threat. And if they have the capacity, then they have the obligation to do something about it.”

Anote Tong – former President of Kiribati


From environmental crimes in the high latitudes to the lasting remnants of a frozen conflict, this is a showcase of my documentary work from recent globetrotting.

On assignment

(Aug 2016) Russia is facing a mysterious anthrax outbreak in a remote corner of Siberia. Dozens of people have been hospitalised; one child has died. Officials believe that record temperatures in the region thawed the ancient permafrost and exposed an infected reindeer carcass.

The anthrax outbreak may be just the latest sign of how climate change is transforming the planet's coldest regions. On the frontline of the growing climate crisis are the indigenous Nenets people who have have migrated for over 1000 years across their ancestral homelands. When a Greenpeace team went to investigate they faced strong opposition from the authorities. Three short videos made for Greenpeace Russia.

What I've been up to

A small selection of recent work. Lots more on the Portfolio page.
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